Hidden Confessions. Pt 1

I once wrote a list of ways to die. Depression had me doing it’s shopping list. – Once upon a time 2010 Don’t be ashamed of your past. Your emotions. Your feelings or your fears. You’d be surprised just how many people are feeling just like you. Advertisements

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A Mothers Protection

And she promised. That as long as I lived. No matter what, her protection would always prevail. And as the rivers flowed, the walls rose and the wars of life began. And as the rain came and the tears filled the holes of life’s wrath, she took her sword. With one swipe, peace fell over […]

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Empath: I see their souls

Humans. I see into their souls. On every word. Conversation. Eye contact. I see. The good, the bad. The ugly. I see their movement. The changes in mood. Their body language screams at me. Intuitive as I am only leads to empathetic feelings of others. An understanding. Fascinating insight into the lives of another soul. […]

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Criticism turns the heart black

Talk. Talk again and again until all your energy is wasted. Until all the darkness from inside fills your aura. Until the jealously shines green in your eyes. The hatred turns your skin red. The assumptions bubble up on the surface on your heart and the criticism scars itself on your skin. Talk. For you […]

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This is where you’ll find me

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve had time to myself. This year is flying. Faster than the last. I can’t catch my breathe from one week to the next. I’m having an on going feeling of scatter brain whilst I try to organise each aspect of my life. I can’t say I’m […]

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