Empath: I see their souls

Humans. I see into their souls. On every word. Conversation. Eye contact. I see. The good, the bad. The ugly. I see their movement. The changes in mood. Their body language screams at me. Intuitive as I am only leads to empathetic feelings of others. An understanding. Fascinating insight into the lives of another soul. And I continue. Drawn I am. Engulfed into a connection built from shared words. Cultures. Expressions. Experiences. I read them like I read my own work. With ease and flow. Picking up on little bumps which i smooth over during word exchange. These moments inspire me. They devour me. Coated in pure envy I yearn for this heated contact with the human form. Each time filled with lessons, dreams and open doors. Soul searching I am. Soul search I do. Like a study of the world filled with one million emotions. Breaking them down into little tiny molecules. I use them as an energy source. One which gives me answers. Shows me their memories and forces my hand. I see their souls.


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