My old friends. Depression & Anxiety

For a friend I love. She’s in the dark. She’s struggling to see the right, the light and the sun. She doesn’t know she’s in the dark. Her words are sometimes toxic. The reply of the message without realising the meaning. She’s depressed. Her worry is far from anything to worry about. My past helps me react to this because she is my dear friend and she is me in 7 years. I was her 7 years before. I was her 5 years before. I was still her 2 years before. I am not her now. But every time I talk with her I feel the pain. I feel the struggle and the Ultimate distress caused from the constant anxiety that doesn’t leave the brain or heart or stomach. I feel as though I am watching myself. I give words of wisdom I’m only so thankful to be able to give now. But when you are in that place. That dark place. It’s hard to escape. You feel as though you’re being held hostage by the moon for he is only showing you night and he won’t let you see the sun. You forgot what the sun is. You can’t see the stars that are trying to guide you because the darkness has filled your mind. They look warped and evil. You forgot how to act or how to be yourself because the moon has kept you tied up. But the moonlight makes us feel like how we are being is ok to ignore. It makes us think that no one can see the screaming which is trying to force its way out of our bodies. It’s our safe place. Heaven forbid if we tried to see the sun, if we tried to see the light it would without doubt be snatched from us almost instantly because that’s the world right? That’s the dark world. That’s the world of. Depression. Anxiety. I will save this time. I will use these memories to help draw her into the light. And little by little she will stay a little longer. And each time she stays that second longer she will start to enjoy it. She will trust it. She will yearn for it. Until eventually she will grab my hand and let me keep her there. And she will then be free and her life will be beautiful because she stopped letting the darkness twist her mind. She will bloom into the stunning flower she already was. My friend. And she will take her wisdom and without knowing will pass it on to yet another of whom is stuck in the dark. 


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