There is just something so heart warming about the thought of being inside those 4 walls snuggled up in a blanket on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, whilst outside the wind is howling, the cold is biting every part of nature and causing red noses. 

I can feel the warmth from the fire which is surrounding the room with a tropical heatwave. My bed socks fluffy and colourful hugging my toes as they curl up ready for rest. An oversized soft blanket wrapped around me more times than it’s meant for. 

The steam rising from my hot cup of English tea, the mug acting as a hand warmer to my always. cold fingers. The lights are dimmed. I’m imagining myself becoming a mould into a large fabric extremely comfy sofa with tonnes of cushions. I love cushions. 

Candles are burning giving an ambiance of relaxation and a scent of lavender bringing more calmness to a blissful moment. The tea slips down my throat with ease the sugar hitting my taste buds causing a dance in my mouth. The warmth sliding it’s way down creating an inner heat for my body. 

In that simple moment I am happy. 


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