If you do one thing today… save a life 

“My Paradise Island from Hell”

one vet and animal lover commented on a post as she explained her experiences here in Mauritius. 

“I will never come here on holiday again but I will always come back to help!”

Again some sad realities from seeing the problems and suffering of animals here. Just a small island with the potential of the government to HELP sterilise and create a better life yet THEY DO NOT. They create a story… one that says the tourists dislike the dogs and cats… the hotels love to jump in on this lie. They couldn’t be further from the truth. MSAW which is meant to be the government funded animals welfare society frequently catches and kills the animals. Something of which has just last month ONLY now been made illegal. YET… it’s still happening. The truth is the tourists see animals as wonderful caring creatures. There have been a massive amount of tourists who have taken a mauritian dog back home with them and they’re now living the life ALL dogs deserve. They don’t mind and they definitely would not agree with the killing of animals which is happening. Some hotels poisoning these poor souls or taking them somewhere else to die…

Recently I have spent some time with Second Chance Animal Rescue. Every day they dedicate their life to feeding and cleaning their strays and fosters… to then traveling all over the island saving cats and dogs from a horrible death. They have animals waiting to be fostered and are urging for help! They ask for only Rs100 per month which is only £2.20! But any donation small or large will help considerably so that they can continue to do their amazing work! To continue to dedicate all their time and efforts to caring for helpless animals across the island. 

Me with a sick dog on the coastline! Mecine given and food for strength!

I return to England later this month after some changes which has urged me to return however in some sense I feel relieved but the other pains me to know I’ll be one less animal lover in the country and unable to continue my work there. I would really like to organised fund raisers when I’m home to help fund the charity so they can continue and to help create a shelter at their home as currently they don’t have all the necessary things or money. I would appreciate if anyone reading this blog post did one thing today…

Donate any of the following;

  • Newspaper
  • Towels/Blankets
  • Dog and Cat food
  • Frontline
  • Medicine – I.e Eye drops and other over counter medicine
  • Kennels
  • Beds
  • Become a member and donate a small amount per month please complete a member form by clicking HERE
  • Donate a one off payment via PayPal here – paypal.me/scarmu
  • Make an international transfer – Mauritius Commercial Bank Second Chance Animal Rescue Account No: 000 444 206 221 IBAN: MU71MCBL0944000444206221000MUR SWIFT: MCBLMUMU

If you would like to donate and send to Mauritius or if you would love to save a life and adopt from Mauritius please get in touch! Help us save as many souls as we can!


4 thoughts on “If you do one thing today… save a life 

    1. Thank you so much Nicole! Yes it’s so sad and makes me angry every day I see it but there are charities like Second Chance Animal Rescue here doing what they can to help and make it a better place! And every little helps so thank you ❤️


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