Just a little appearance

I haven’t written for a while, I’ve been struggling to know what to write. There are lots of things I want to discuss, to rant about and to tell you about Mauritius but doing this will create an image of which I think Mauritius isn’t all deserving. However as I am here to tell you my stories as I see them and experience them in Mauritius I see it only fair that I speak truthfully. 

But. Before I will write my opinions down on my open blog I’ll take the next few months to post about all the great things here before I head back to England. Yes you heard me right I’m going home. Mauritius has been an eye opener for me. I have this island to thank for me finding my true self. My true love of animals and to really appreciate life and my homeland England. Nottingham. 

My friends have really come through even though I’ve been months without them and I feel their love and support even now stronger than ever before. My longing to see them along with my family and my nephew of whom I’ve never met is so strong. I believe me and Bryan have much more to be given from England and I feel like going home will be like going to a new place. My mind is reset. My views are changed. My appreciation for life is intense and my knowledge of myself is so sure that I think every day life back in Nottingham will be a new experience in these eyes. 

I’m coming home. 


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