Don’t give a shit 

What’s wrong with the world? When was it that the human species became so selfish? Were we always this way? Have we always been so uneducated on human nature? Living things? The environment around us? Are you enjoying not giving a shit? Are you fulfilling your life full of selfish acts and no feeling towards other living things or other beings? Are you thinking you are a good person because you’re praying to a god and thinking for only yourself… Do you believe that your prayers will be answered?

Kill the earth. Go on. Keep on throwing your shit on the floor, because you can’t be bothered to find a bin. Keep on building a heap a junk for the earth to be contaminated and the animals to die. Continue. Because you’re a believer in a god… you’re praying to god. You must be a good person. 

Keep on treating animals like an object. That’s it, keep beating them, ignoring them, tieing them up and leaving them to die. Continue to use them for your own selfish ways instead of treating them like one of your own. It’s ok. You believe in god, you pray to him and visit ypur religious grounds every week. You must be good? Right? 

Carry on budging past people, cursing them, looking at them with a stare of absolute miserableness. Don’t move on the bus to give them space. Just ignore that old women trying to carry the heavy load to take home for her family. Don’t share your things. Continue to gossip. To hate others. Because you pray to a mighty one all the time. You are a believer and you follow some rules. You must be a good person. You must be… 

Continue to be uneducated. Choose to be selfish. Carry on acting in this manner. Just remember you reap what you sow. All those souls you’re affecting you think you will gain from that? My words may seem harsh but they are real. My words are the voice of the earth, the animals and the people who naturally spend their days being kind. Tomorrow when you wake up from your sleep remember one thing;

“There are those who are clean in their own eyes but are not washed of their filth.”

Be kind. Think twice before you throw your shit on the floor. Think twice when walking past that poor unfortunate animal or treating your own like a piece of shit. Think twice before acting selfishly towards others in your every day life. You are not superior you are one of many souls blessed to be alive and walking this earth.

“It only takes one person and one act of kindness to inspire others and create change”


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