And exhale

Don’t forget to breathe. Breathing is something done so naturally for us that we forget what the power of a breath can do. Stuck in a world full of media, stereotypes, rules and stunted imagination. Politics and money. A vision of perfection which is false. People all around me are starting to look the same. Am I also a victim of this? 

Imagine if you could reprogram your brain. Rearrange the pictures, turn the rules upside down and start seeing reality completely differently. Like the white rabbit taunting you to follow him down the hole.

“Is there a wonderland?”

I’ve been following rules for so long, this is good, this is bad. This is right, this is wrong. You shouldn’t do this you shouldn’t do that, you shouldn’t get emotional, why do you cry. What do you look like. You need to do this and be like that. Shit Emma you’re almost 30. It’s the end of the world. Are you married yet? Kids?.. Kids?.. Kids?.. that’s it once you hit 30 you’re doomed for life, your egg count is diminished. Horror horror horror. 

The truth is at this point it’s safe to say I now know how to breathe. Not the instinctive breathing, I’m lucky to say I’ve never had problems with my lungs or my ability to gain air to my body, but the breathe that inhales those little particles of light and positive energy and the exhale which lets go of all the sadness, negativity and bad energy. 

Live for you, you control what your eyes see. You control your reactions to situations. It’s you that decides to be sad or happy or angry. It’s you that tells yourself you need this or you need that. It’s YOU. You can change everything. You can change the world how you see it right now. It all starts with a breath of air.


“The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”

Hate. Hate. Hate. Do you see how this word affects us. It’s a sorrowful sight this world we live in. At least for those of us who truly care about the souls of other beings and animals. Where is the smile at passing strangers, the manners at an open door? What are you all doing in your lives? If you do anything at all. Be kind.

“You reap what you sow”

What you put into this life you get back ten times over. You think you’re having a bad day, you’ll have a worse day, you think you’re getting ill, yes you’ll get ill. Do not underestimate the power of thought. 

Do you know what I pray for. I pray for god to put light into every single person. I pray they are lifted by this and pass on kindness with others. Imagine if my prayers were answered. We would have world peace. Maybe, just maybe one day I won’t any longer need to pray for this one passionate need of mine. 

Either way, people will be people but what makes you human is the question of today.


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