Botanical Beauty 

The Beauty of the Botanical Gardens in Pampelmousses 

There is something very peaceful about the botanical gardens, as soon as we enter I take a breathe of the fresh air surrounding us… I see green, the light beaming through the empty spaces in the sky. Tourists do pay a little more here than the locals… I say a little more. 25 rupees for the locals, 200 rupees for tourists which is just over £4.00ish. But for £4 you can’t moan and it’s definitely worth a visit, not only for it’s pure beauty but for the fact it’s the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. 

There are lots of beautiful plants, trees and woodland which is a photographers dream! 

As you take this somewhat romantic calm walk around the land of green you’ll find yourself glancing at the well thought out labels of each plant and meanings towards.

The floating Lilly pads show off their full glory as they sit proudly at the top of the lake.

You find yourself walking along pathways to more pathways over little bridges and more stunning surroundings of lakes and wildlife.

And of course I couldn’t go without posing for a picture myself…

You’ll also find turtles, fish and many birds throughout your journey through the wilderness giving a sense of being in touch with nature as it’s meant to be.

You could spend a couple of hours just walking, talking and taking in this wonderful natural creation. If you’d rather, you can choose to have a tour guide which costs you 53 rupees per person. The knowledgeable local will take you step by step around the gardens whilst giving you chance to explore and learn about the stunning plantations that overlook you. 

Don’t forget your camera! 


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