“From Your Valentine”

What is Valentine’s Day? 

Photo copyright- rappler.com

The real meaning on Valentine’s Day started a long time ago with a holy priest in Rome. The time of Claudius II the evil ruler… in an era of courtly love and Christian faith.

So the story goes a bit like this, see Claudius was a nightmare, emotionless and a complete slave driver. During this time he was trying to recruit a bigger and stronger army. I mean this guy wasn’t popular at all. He had beef with a lot of people. Many bloody campaigns and let’s be honest completely shit ethics. No one wanted to join his army! (Can you blame them) and because of this Claudius thought the men didn’t want to leave their loved ones. So what did he go and do… very spiteful may I add. He goes and bans all engagements and marriages. I mean pretty thoughtless imagine planning your beautiful day and now Claudius has to stick his nose in and spoil everything. 

But… our wonderful Priest Valentine didn’t agree at all and decided to contuine to marry young lovers in secret, in the name of love and Christianity. However this turned sour and poor Valentine got caught and sentenced to death! 

The days leading up to his horrible death he sat in his dark and damp cell and found a friend in the Jailers daughter. He had restored the sight of this blind girl just days before he was sentenced. They exchanged notes and words until the day of his passing he left one last note…

“From your Valentine”

That day was February 14th 278 A.D. The priest was made a saint and the day was celebrated thereafter.

So I don’t see Valentine’s Day as a day to spend lots of money or have expensive dinners but more to spoil your family and friends with love. In spite of Claudius who will never understand the meaning of it!

Info taken from History.com 


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