Capital P and L

Port Louis. The capital of Mauritius and the complete hustle and bustle of the island. For me Port Louis stands out completely from all the destinations across this large volcanic made land. 

  • Who said sweat was bad? 

Imagine a sauna… now imagine constantly walking around in a sauna, shopping, taking the bus, walking, sightseeing. Well in Port Louis you’ll find it’s the most humid part of the island. It is placed right next to the mountains and the nearest coastline is around 30 minutes away which leaves us in a whirlpool of hot air. Absolutely bloody brilliant if you’re trying to loose weight… however if you’re not used to the heat I’d advise you to stay on the coast for a holiday and visit Port Louis on a day trip. Oh and ladies don’t cake yourself in makeup because it will most likely be half way down your neck by the time you’re finished. Wear lightweight clothing and drink plenty of water!

  • Did someone say shopping?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ok so I’m going to split the groups here a little… if you’re a shopper who prefers online shopping and likes to be in a quiet store in and out then don’t shop in the markets of Port Louis… find yourself a bus and get yourself to Bagatelle (a large mall aka shopping centre 5 mins from Port Louis center) ok so now you’re happy onto the shoppers who love a good bargain and a good ramble around. The capital offers a lot of shopping opportunities in the forms of boutiques, market stalls and shops. Is all systems go and somewhat quite an exciting experience I’ve found. I highly recommend you visit the fruit and veg market and all the little places surrounding where you’ll find clothes, toiletries, food, electricals and pretty much anything and everything. Souvenirs are also easily accessible! You have to look and be prepared to get involved and hey don’t be scared to haggle. It’s not just something tourists do. The locals haggle too!

  • Points of interest 

Instead of me rambling on about all these great places to visit here in the capital of Mauritius here is a lovely list with built in links. Thank me later 😉

Champ De Mars

The one and only famous race course of Mauritius, holding weekly race meetings on Saturday’s @ 11am onwards. Parking available. 

Le Caudan Waterfront

The port of Port Louis, shops, bars and wonderful sights.

Citadel Fort Adelaide

The perfect view of the city and the island.

Central Market 

Everything you could imagine in regards to fruit and veg and lots of other items! You won’t be disappointed. Personally I love this market!

Aapravasi Ghat

Amazing historical look at slave labour in Mauritius.

Blue Penny Museum

The clue is in the name but this historic museum doesn’t just hold tales of coins. Voted the best museum in Port Louis it’s definitely worth the visit. 

There’s to name a few but don’t be afraid to check out the following sites if you get hungry for more… oh and don’t forget to check out events that happen throughout the year especially Port Louis By Light!

And leading onto our next subject nicely… 

  • Food anyone?

You won’t be short on places to eat or treats to stuff your face. Of course you have the norm… McDonald’s, Nando’s, Pizza Hut, KFC and your standard restaurant but… why not delve into a bit of Mauritian street food. Now I have a one rule of my own for street food. I always choose a place which is wearing gloves, not because any others are dirty I just feel like it makes it more hygienic and with our European stomachs it’s better to be safe than sorry! The norm you’ll find is fried noodles with chicken or beef LOVE IT! Briani which is fried rice with chicken or beef again great dish and not your standard made at home. Meat, Fish and Veg balls. Roti, a pancake type dish with sauce and vegetables if wanted. Cakes cakes and cakes. Not cakes like in England. Cakes which are made from flour and chicken and vegetables and fried to perfection. Street food is not something to shy away from and definitely a great treat to have here in Mauritius.

  • To party or not to party, that is the question…

So believe it or not Port Louis doesn’t boast a large number of bars or clubs, if you want something like this then your best best is on the coastline, Grand Baie, Flic en Flaq or Pereybere. But there is a great place at Caudan Waterfront called ‘On the rocks’ based in a hotel and accessible through the hotel or across the water on a taxi boat. On the rocks is the place to drink some cocktails and dance the night away. I would also highly recommend the snacks in the form of beef, chicken and fish platter. Food is to die for!

That about rounds up Port Louis in a nutshell! Well I’ve written more than a nutshell but it’s worth it right? 


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