So… I got married


No longer do I have the name Emma-Louise Armstrong, oh no. Legally you can now call me Mrs Lebon. The surname although married into a Mauritian family is French and it means ‘The good one’ so I think it’s safe to say I married a good one ‘wink wink’

The lead up to this wasn’t easy and was slightly stressful due to all the paperwork. A British girl marrying a Mauritian man, there are many things to sort before hand so that we could get to this point! But with gods will everything came together.

The lead up to the day was calm, I spent the few weeks working, relaxing and enjoying Mauritius not feeling nervous at all… until when I woke up that morning. I first opened a card and present from my Dad and Karen which had been bought over to Mauritius when I came in January, tears in my eyes and rolling down my face it was beautiful and to know my dad wasn’t there, well I just couldn’t hold back the tears. I know this was just the legalisation but it’s my dad, and I’m his little girl. I felt like the time was purposely ticking faster, the weather was more furiously humid then ever and my future husband was as laid back as a plank of wood. It’s at that time I really thought about my friends, I know Amy and George would be there telling me to calm down! Sabrina E would be pouring me a glass of wine to calm the nerves, Becky would be helping me with my hair and Sabrina C would be reminiscing about how we’ve got to this point. All in all I know my nerves would have been diminished at least by 50%, but… the reality is I had to pull myself together just for this small 20 minute civil ceremony to know that in a few years that picture I have of my friends will be true. 

With my hair fixed and make up in place the time was 10.45… “babe the taxi is here and we’re not ready” now anyone who knows me can imagine how I was panicking at this point. 

“Bryan” I’m saying with gritted teeth!, “if we are late they won’t marry us, we need to go now”

 I’m in meltdown mode. I get my dress on, my shoes and accessories and stand one inch in front of the big floor fan. Breathe Emma breathe. Fag. Yes I need a fag that’s it. So I’m now there outside at gone 10.45 smoking this fag like a steam train smokes coal. 10.50 flowers arrive, bry still not ready, me still panicking and slightly shaky at this point. We need to go. We need to go. My inner voice was screaming. 11.14 ready? Ready! A few selfies took and off to the taxi we go… bry admiring me and telling me I’m beautiful. That’s helps! 

Arriving at the civil status office was interesting, now this building is here for many things, passports, registrations etc so many people are there every day. By this point I’m calm, we are there in time and I know we’re about to marry.

I get out the taxi, sun beaming down, humidity strong, make up holding up nicely, people on the streets staring and watching.

Bry helps me to walk along the road and inside the building. Next step into the lift and up to the 7th floor… I like to do things classy you know stairs were not an option! :p 

Inside the hall was small and cosy, my first concern was that my future brother in law was starting the live video for all my family and friends back home! You know.. I was about to marry to love of my life and I really really wanted them to see that, to share it with me. The ceremony got under way, legalities were read out, then we started our vows. Well fuck me. Bryan was amazing, beautifully said, well remembered calm and touching. Then there was me, tears continuously flowing like a leaking tap, choking on my words and not getting out what I wanted to say… I’m such a ball of emotions, I was so happy to be in this place there and then with my soulmate that I just couldn’t keep it together! Safe to say I managed to finish. By this point the professional photographer was taking pics… bonus… pics of Emma crying. Great mate thanks, but I guess he was doing his job. Catching the emotions of two people in love. 

Everyone claps and congratulates us, I breathe. I’m married. Legally I’m now married to the love of my life. It was an amazing feeling! Besides the completion of the ceremony and the group pictures I was in a hurry to see what had recorded live to my British audience. Only some and not all but the comments were just amazing as if they were there with me. These things touch my heart. 

My friends and family touch my heart in a really special way which I thank god for sincerely.

Soppiness done off to the Chinese. Yes we dipped our paws into an amazing range of Chinese dishes bought over to us on a rotating table on a table. Happy Dragon in Port Louis is definitely the place to be! The food was delish and you bring your own alcohol for consumption throughout the pigging out of snacks! Pictures with the chef and off we went to our 2 day break in Pereybere. 

I’ll be back soon with updates of the honeymoon, The Casa Florida Hotel and Spa and Life as a married expat women in Mauritius.

Chow ❤


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