What is perfection?

In this day and age we always try and strive for perfection, but what is perfection? The perfect job? The perfect life? The perfect relationship? The perfect self? I spent many years of my life striving for a perfection in all these things which didn’t exist… I grew up as a dancer under the spotlight with a pressure which impacted my day to day life. The perfect ballerina, to have the perfect poise, that perfect smile and perfect technical ability. Is that what life is about? Should we all look to reach a goal of perfection in the eyes of a ballerina… a fairy tale maybe? Cinderella? Snow white? Photoshopped faces and bodies? A knight in shining amour riding us into the sunset?..

No. Perfection is not a fairytale or a prima ballerina. It’s not something which comes without problems, obstacles or differences. Perfection is unique. It’s unique to each and every individual on this planet. Before, my kind of perfect was as if a fairytale story… the castle, the knight, the perfect long hair and beautiful face. The slender body and perfect job of where there is no care in the world. 

Today I really thought about this. You know I’ve spent a lot of my life in relationships hoping for perfection but faced with disappointment, the perfect job… 30 jobs down the line and again disappointment, the diets, the hair cuts, the skin treatments the clothes… all for what? A perfection I had in my head which didn’t exist.

I’m not bursting bubbles here. We all have an idea of our perfect life but it isn’t easy. Life isn’t easy, relationships aren’t easy and especially in this era we are facing more and more pressure to be the medias idea of perfect. 

“I’ve finally found my perfect”

A self contentment. A perfect partner of whom I love more than anything, is it a fairytale? Of course not. Every relationship faces test, arguments and sometimes negatively but what makes a relationship strong and withstanding and extremely precious is an undying love for each other, an understanding and appreciation that you’re not going to always agree on everything and that things may not always be perfect!

The perfect job, is it well paid? No, it’s completely unpaid, volunteering for a animal sanctuary of which I help to save Dogs and Cats every day. Its hard work, emotional and draining but It’s come to be my definition of perfect. 

“Now being realistic of course you need money to live but as soon as you stop searching for money and search for your happiness doors start to open… money finds you, and with my giving and determination, hopefully next month I’ll be getting paid for what I’m doing right now!”

I’m very lucky to have found my soulmate and an opportunity to help the world and I’m even more lucky to have found myself in a non perfect world before I was consumed completely by a lifestyle which doesn’t exist. Is it perfection?..  well what is perfection? Because last time I checked we find perfection in the reflection of ourselves. 


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