5 things to know before travelling to Mauritius

When I look at that title it looks worrying right? Don’t panic, it’s just a little guide for all those couples, families and honeymooners which are planning on having a holiday here in Mauritius. I’m going to make this a super easy read! 

1. Weather

Now if you’re a sun lover you’re going to love Mauritius but it’s not like the sun in Spain or Italy or one of the many amazing holiday destinations around the world. Mauritius falls just above the Tropic of Capricorn which is basically a place at the same point around the planet where then sun goes directly overhead. So be careful of high temperatures and quick time sunburn and make sure you wear a high SPF! The price of sun cream here is pretty similar to the UK/Europe so don’t think you’re saving money if you buy it here because you’re not. Luckily by the coast you get a lovely breeze but avoid December and January if you struggle with humidity. 

2. Mosquitoes 

This is the absolute bain of my life here in Mauritius but mostly because I live quite central in the Island. By the mountains they love the humidity and sparodic rain showers and more so love my fresh white skin and sweet blood! The coastlines don’t see as many but it’s best to bring along some repellent and insect cream. Some tourists don’t even experience bites but if you’re prone like me then make sure you have the right stuff… oh and piriton is also a must. You can never be too safe!

3. Hire a car

If you’re planning on seeing the whole island I recommend you hire a car. There are many many beautiful things to see here in Mauritius but you’ll be a lot more comfortable driving around rather than getting a number of different buses and walking in the heat. Some people may enjoy this and of course it’s a lot cheaper to get a bus than it is to hire a car but you’ll be able to see more and relax in your own little bubble whilst driving through the villages and scenery of Mauritius. Getting petrol is simple, just pull in and they’ll do the rest, it’s quick and easy. And as for driving itself well if you’re from the UK then it’s just like driving at home, the left side of the road and all the signs are in English! Bingo! Most hotels and resorts offer car hire but just do a little research first to find the best price. You will always get a better price purchasing the car hire whilst here rather than purchasing before hand!

4. Money

The currency in Mauritius is Mauritian Rupees. Currently the exchange rate is 44 rupees to the pound but I can change. Don’t waste time exchanging your money before you come here… you can exchange it at the airport on arrival or at the bank. You’ll get  a much better rate if you just hold onto those pennies a little longer!

5. Food

Ok so there is always so much controversy regarding food abroad. Many people have been surprised to hear that yes we have big supermarkets and yes you can buy pretty much anything from those supermarkets. If you’re self catering then don’t panic you can get everything you need from fresh veg and bread to frozen products and chocolate if you were having a craving for your favourite bar! If you’d rather spend your days eating out then you won’t be disappointed with the array of types of food and places you can eat. And if you want something quick then yes we do have a McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s, Pizza Hut and a number of other well known brands which we love in England. Don’t forget to try the Mauritian dishes on the island and little Mauritian treats you won’t be disappointed. The price of food really does vary but to give you an example a McDonald’s would cost maybe £1.50 – £2.00 less in Mauritius for a burger meal however recently I found the mcfluffy was actually 20p more expensive here! Standard restaurants cost around 300 rupees each which is equivalent to £7.00 on average but your up market meals ( a la carte ) cost around £20.00 per person. 


Although Mauritius isn’t filled with rows of bars and restaurants like some European destinations it really is a beautiful island with a lot to see. Boasting a wonderful coastline, food to fill the largest of us and sun all day for those who love to go home with a lovely colour! The resorts offer entertainment whilst a number of places in Mauritius also offer live music, parties and traditional SEGA music. As long as you have your essentials and an idea of places you’d like to visit then you won’t be disappointed by what the island has to offer. 


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