The day in the life of a Mauritian Vet… PAWS

So today I ventured out on my own for the first time since being in Mauritius, I feel like a child leaving her mother for the first time to go to school. Excited, but a little apprehensive. In my head i know the city better than before so surely it’s not difficult to get onto another bus to my end destination? People are looking, that’s normal but it’s above me now and I don’t notice it so much. It’s really warm and the seats on the bus are leather… yes leather, why would you have leather seats? Maybe because they’re easy to clean as I tell you now it’s not because they look pretty or that they don’t stop you leaving the bus with a massive sweat patch down your back. Perfect. I need another shower before I even get to where I’m going… the people have their umbrellas out, and no not because it’s raining. They use them purely to keep the sun off their face and then there is me taking my sunglasses off at any given unshaded moment to avoid looking like some kind of sunburnt panda… completely off topic and purely just jotting down my thoughts.

8 hours later…

I’ve had the most incredible day. I travelled to a place called PAWS. It’s a sanctuary in one hand who help animals who have been abandoned or strays and on the other a vet practice for everyone and anyone. When I arrived as if I was just there to play with animals… cute yes but that was until I was told to go and help the vet and OMG…. I’ve literally been in the heart of the day in the life of a vet.

The place itself is clean, and the people are great however I notice straight away they don’t have the staff they need for the amount of patients they’re receiving… the first patient… a beautiful German Shepard, I’m there watching like a student as she popped him into anesthetiser ( a sleep like state so able to operate ) then only a moment later the vet asks me to help. So there I am holding up the front right leg of this big dog whilst she neatly stitches together his paw. I must admit for a moment I went a little queezy but I pulled it together.

“It’s manic at this point people are queuing & waiting outside”

The door to the surgery is open and they’re now looking at me as if I’m a vet from England. One asked if I was South African, maybe I should of gone a long with that.. sounds like it could have been a cool story?

The second patient was a poor little dog of what seemed to have had a wound which wasn’t kept clean or looked after. The man didn’t look too concerned himself however I can’t make a judgement as he did bring him in to get fixed up. Now if you get a bit queezy over these things, if you’re eating or just generally someone with a sensitive gag reflex then stop reading………

Have you stopped? This is your final warning!

This poor little soul was bought in with a whole ear rotting away. Not like the end little floppy bit but the whole fucking ear. The bone, the flesh, maggots consumed the whole outside and in. I mean what the actual fuck. Would you seriously let your dog get like that?  Anyhow with a calm persona I witnessed this. I watched as the vet’s assistant cleaned, scrapped and removed all the rotting flesh. I helped with handing over some tissue but I don’t think I could get too involved it was just awful. You don’t see these kind of things even on the vet programs you watch at home… this isn’t like super vet, but on that note though I can 100% say the people working there are pretty damn super!

Next subject something more cheerful… so Mr Zoomania French massive man in a absolutely massive yellow jeep turns up, seriously I’m not joking. He’s there with 4 extremely cute little puppies. I’ve been taken along to vaccinate them and take their temperature, throughout which time Mr Zoomania yellow jeep French man tells me he owns ‘Zoomania’ (hence his nickname) oh and he’s also like a big name in film and stunts or so that’s what my ears heard, I haven’t checked Zoomania out yet but if you do let me know!

On top of the massive number of patients, puppy vaccinations, health checks, drips, accidents and issues we did have to euthanise 2 dogs. One very old and one very poorly. Very very sad! 😥

To summarise this day would be to say this job is extremely rewarding, however be aware that you need to have a strong stomach and the ability to not cry when an animal has to be put down. (Which isn’t me) I cry at all these kinds of things. I can safely say tomorrow I will be back and will be doing all I can to help these wonderful animals as a PAWS volunteer. A proud one.

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Merci beaucoup peeps ❤


2 thoughts on “The day in the life of a Mauritian Vet… PAWS

  1. I stop reading, Emma-Louise… as I wrote before, I cannot bear to see animals suffer… I will keep up visiting your blog! ❤ receive my deepest congratulations… I'm sure you are such a wonderful person! :-)claudine


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