She’s a white girl…

It’s not difficult to stand out as a white girl in Mauritius, to blend in as a citizen is like a Liverpool fan standing in the middle of a Manchester Utd crowd… cliche maybe but you can imagine the surprise you would receive if you were that fan in the middle of room. How do you act? What do you say? You’re most definitely lost right? Maybe I’m over exaggerating, I think that Liverpool fan would be in for some trouble but the logic is there. For many British and European people visiting the island of Mauritius find themselves in the outskirts of the island. The ‘tourist’ areas, the comfortable setting of European type bars and restaurants alongside a breathtaking white sandy beach, clear skies and turquoise blue sea. What’s not expected is a European sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of a pure Mauritian neighbourhood. Yes seems crazy and now I read it back quite scary.

“But you know I don’t class myself as white, European or anything other than a member of this family”

I am getting married to a Mauritian so surely I have some stand on that? The first time I came here I was in love with everything I’m told by the travel websites, magazines and blogs but what’s more interesting is the way you can fall in love with a culture, the simplicity of life and the greenery of which you find inland. The mango trees in the garden or the simple fact of visiting a small local shop which is owed and occupied by a local Mauritian family. We forget about the simple things in life yet here it’s like everything is put back into perspective. So yes that’s me, the white girl in the neighbourhood and this is my life in Mauritius as a British girl.


8 thoughts on “She’s a white girl…

    1. Hey!!! That’s great news! And anything you need help with let me know! It can be quite stressful moving abroad with all paperwork etc so any questions please feel free to fire away! Enjoy the time whilst you’re here! I’m just about adapting to this high temperature and humidity! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! ❤


      1. Hi! Loving the blog – I’ve been sat here sipping my coffee on this very rainy January day reading all morning. This getting me excited for my next adventure… Moving to Mauritius 🙂

        Maybe when I arrive we can meet up for coffee in a more sunny setting! Keep posting!

        All the best,

        Emma Louise

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  1. Emma Louise, don’t worry, Mauritius is just Paradise… black, white, caramel, doesn’t matter… is is the best place to spend a lifetime! I’m looking forward to going there each year for 3-4 months… and I’m visiting Mauritius since 1985.
    🙂 a long journey to go since you’re very young! All my blessing :-)claudine

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    1. Hi Claudine, thank you for your comment. I’m not worried I’m embracing everything and feel very content. Wow that’s amazing and your very lucky! I have a few years yet, turn 29 next month! 🙈 Hope you enjoy all your times here but not so much presently as we have bad weather and a cyclone coming! Sending blessings to you also. Emma

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