My Rainbow. 2017

The year draws to an end. The feather of an angel rests on the top of a ice cold gate as I reminisce. The hard sun from across the ocean leaves my skin. The colour of culture doesn’t surpass my mind but holds a part of unmistaken journey. Memories connect to my heart with rainbow […]

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If butterflies could swim they would be dancing in the lining of my stomach. No coming up for air, they long to adapt to this tranquil setting of silent conversations. Made from the brightened lights of the soul, they fill my body like a giant gust of wind. I could fly, yet my grounded being […]

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Stone heart. 2017

A faint murmur, a whisper of truth in that one second of reality where true feelings mix with euphoria and the light is blinding like a star in my eyes. Ten thousand stars it could be in that one moment of ecstasy before the insecurities start to hit like meteoroids smashing into an atmospheric lining […]

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#metoo She Survived. 2017

Why is one so innocent yet so aggressively incompetent to the needs of faded stories and life like puzzled minds. One who would surpass ones own fucked up mind to feel burning embers of a dark secret coated in sweet honey. I wonder. The taste. The king, he feels his need lies here. Lies. Dark […]

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I’m home now. 2018.

Don’t try and catch me whilst my fluttering soul dives into the ocean of stars. Flowers cover my body in naturistic form whilst I swim between the moon and the sun. Silence lights up my ears with drops of the northern aura. I know it here. My body fills this sacred space yet my soul […]

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Storm Emma. 2018.

Peace be with me whilst I rain on my perpetrators. For they know not what they do. Learn they might or mistake may be forever in their blood. I grasp at straws and lay in a bed of roses. Onlookers give eyes of steel and sounds of jealousy. I don’t envy their feelings nor their […]

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Empath. I see their souls. 2018.

Humans. I see into their souls. On every word. Conversation. Eye contact. I see. The good, the bad. The ugly. I see their movement. The changes in mood. Their body language screams at me. Intuitive as I am only leads to empathetic feelings of others. An understanding. Fascinating insight into the lives of another soul. […]

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