She’s a white girl…

It’s not difficult to stand out as a white girl in Mauritius, to blend in as a citizen is like a Liverpool fan standing in the middle of a Manchester Utd crowd… cliche maybe but you can imagine the surprise you would receive if you were that fan in the middle of room. How do you act? What do you say? You’re most definitely lost right? Maybe I’m over exaggerating, I think that Liverpool fan would be in for some trouble but the logic is there. For many British and European people visiting the island of Mauritius find themselves in the outskirts of the island. The ‘tourist’ areas, the comfortable setting of European type bars and restaurants alongside a breathtaking white sandy beach, clear skies and turquoise blue sea. What’s not expected is a European sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of a pure Mauritian neighbourhood. Yes seems crazy and now I read it back quite scary. 

“But you know I don’t class myself as white, European or anything other than a member of this family”

I am getting married to a Mauritian so surely I have some stand on that? The first time I came here I was in love with everything I’m told by the travel websites, magazines and blogs but what’s more interesting is the way you can fall in love with a culture, the simplicity of life and the greenery of which you find inland. The mango trees in the garden or the simple fact of visiting a small local shop which is owed and occupied by a local Mauritian family. We forget about the simple things in life yet here it’s like everything is put back into perspective. So yes that’s me, the white girl in the neighbourhood and this is my life in Mauritius as a British girl.

The Sad Reality of Mauritius & it’s Animals

Why does it take us so long to do something we love? I didn’t realise how much I actually loved animals until I arrived in Mauritius, after volunteering with PAWS and loving every minute I took a leap of faith a few weeks back and started working with them. It’s an emotional journey every day but one that constantly inspires me in so many ways and builds my heart with love and life for these little souls. 

The days are filled with many patients, vaccinations and sterilisation which is very important here in Mauritius due to the many strays that are living a sad life on the streets. The puppies and kittens being dumped in bags on the side of the road. Hotels poisoning helpless dogs and cats, puppies, kittens that’s are trying to survive just for the sake of tourists, yet these animals are neither aggressive or a problem. What’s meant to be an animal protection agency MSAW catching and putting healthy dogs down. What kind of people does that to other living things. Unfortunately this happens not only in Mauritius but also around the world. We are so lucky in Europe we don’t generally have a massive amount of issues like this and we don’t usually find stray dogs.

Not all people here are not brought up to treat animals in a way that you should. I would say a lot of people are uneducated. Feeding them bread and other poor qualities of food for a dog. Letting them roam the street, leaving them with wounds or illnesses untreated. A lot are kept on chains, outside and as guard dogs. I don’t want to tarnish everyone with the same brush as there are people who care properly for the animals but this isn’t a big percentage. Thank god for PAWS and other non profit organisations which spend their days rescuing and saving the animals here.

Every day at PAWS we see disturbing images of injured and sick animals. Head vet at PAWS The Vale Keyur Patel originally from India helps to save lives every day alongside his wife Lorena and the other staff. How lucky I feel to be part of something full of compassion  and love for animals. Not only is work done within the surgery room but with donations we are able to travel the island on sterilisation campaigns to sterilise Dogs and Cats of people who can’t travel or afford to pay, but also of strays to try and help stop the population  of more animals facing certain death and a miserable life if not.

Keyur Patel – Head Vet at PAWS on a sterilisation campaign

At the start of this week a little puppy came to us saved by Sameer from Second Chance Animal Rescue Mauritius. He had suffered a car accident the day before and was seen too by a government vet based in Pamplemousses. What a mess. This poor soul had been hit by a car, had a big chunk from his belly and a broken messed up leg and to top it off instead of operating correctly on this little soul it was clear the vet had just stuffed everything back inside the wound and sewed him up. And instead of amputating the leg he had left it to rot. Probably expecting the dog will die anyway. You disgusting human being. You do not deserve to be a vet or to work with animals at all! I hope this blog post finds its way to you so you can think about the harm you’ve caused and the harm you’re probably still causing to more helpless animals here in Mauritius. 

Little Sunny when he arrived 😣

The universe is in favour of this little one. After a day or so of trying to build strength there was no choice but to operate as the mess from the wound, the awful bad stitching and leg which was showing bone had to be sorted asap. I held him and looked into his eyes. I told him he is a strong boy. I told him he will be fine and that he will make it. Even though his sad little eyes were looking back at me he was still able to show me his courage with a little wag of his tail. 

I held him why they injected the anesthetic and then helped to prepare him for his operation. I prayed he would be a strong boy. Accompanied by the manager of PAWS who is also a vet technician and a ball of animal knowledge and Gillian a lovely lecturer and vet from the UK here helping to save some animals before she departed with some rescue dogs for England. 

It took some time but the head vet Kayur at PAWS is amazing and he managed to recreate the mess that was before into a manageable wound with little tight stitches. His leg needs to be amputated but that will have to wait. Right now the wound had to be fixed and we had to pray he would come round from the anesthetic. It was so risky as he was so small and weak.

After he was out we had to keep him warm with fluffy blankets and a hot water bottle. I prepared a soft little bed for him. His temperature was scarily low. Fear was the look in some eyes but I said he’s a fighter. I told him he will make it. He has too! 

I stayed with him along with Lorena and our friend vet from the uk. I kept taking the temperature but it wasn’t moving fast. 

“It’s too low I don’t think he’s going to make it”

“he will” I said! “he will make it”. I told him again. “Come on boy. You’re a strong little man you’re going to pull through”. 

We needed to get him warmer fast! The hot water bottle and blanket wasn’t enough. We took him outside in his little basket, with the drip being held we sat in the sun and talked to him. Then a miracle happened the sun saved him and started to raise his temperature. Thank you lord. Not so long after he opened his eyes and raised his tiny head! What a blessed strong little boy he is! I’m so proud of him and thankful to PAWS the vale for getting him through this first part of his journey. 

The last day of the week and sunny had to go for another operation. Not being able to poo he had to go under again. Suffering from a hernia it was another operation which we could only hope he will manage to get through. It was my day off and I was oblivious that this was happening! Lorena was so scared for him as again he had to recover but this boy refuses to give up! He made it. Thank god.

Every morning I go to see him. Even though he’s doing ok and a little annoyed that he has to wear his head cone I still worry that he has a few more ops to go before he will be in full health BUT this amazing little man which is now named sunny after it kept him alive truly has a place in my heart.

Sunny now, one week later

I will keep you updated with his progress!

This incident is only one of many which happens daily in Mauritius. Vets in a career of which they don’t care for animals, dogs and cats being dumped. Being hurt. Not being taken care of. Not being vaccinated and dying of gastro. Every day I see a dog die. Every day I see another thing which makes me angry. 

PAWS Mauritius is a charity from god itself. But unfortunately it can only keep running on donations. We have basic equipment and a small space and even under these circumstances the staff are doing an amazing job with what they have but… we still need help. The shelter is full and we see between 30-50 animals a day. On top of this we try to give good loving homes to our shelter dogs and cats whilst still working with charities like second chance to save and rescue more animals. 

Please if you can help with donations of rice, meat, newspapers, worming tablets, blankets, towels or if you want to adopt it doesn’t mater where you are in the world please get in touch.

Alternatively please make a monetary donation here;


Every little helps!

Don’t give a shit 

What’s wrong with the world? When was it that the human species became so selfish? Were we always this way? Have we always been so uneducated on human nature? Living things? The environment around us? Are you enjoying not giving a shit? Are you fulfilling your life full of selfish acts and no feeling towards other living things or other beings? Are you thinking you are a good person because you’re praying to a god and thinking for only yourself… Do you believe that your prayers will be answered?

Kill the earth. Go on. Keep on throwing your shit on the floor, because you can’t be bothered to find a bin. Keep on building a heap a junk for the earth to be contaminated and the animals to die. Continue. Because you’re a believer in a god… you’re praying to god. You must be a good person. 

Keep on treating animals like an object. That’s it, keep beating them, ignoring them, tieing them up and leaving them to die. Continue to use them for your own selfish ways instead of treating them like one of your own. It’s ok. You believe in god, you pray to him and visit ypur religious grounds every week. You must be good? Right? 

Carry on budging past people, cursing them, looking at them with a stare of absolute miserableness. Don’t move on the bus to give them space. Just ignore that old women trying to carry the heavy load to take home for her family. Don’t share your things. Continue to gossip. To hate others. Because you pray to a mighty one all the time. You are a believer and you follow some rules. You must be a good person. You must be… 

Continue to be uneducated. Choose to be selfish. Carry on acting in this manner. Just remember you reap what you sow. All those souls you’re affecting you think you will gain from that? My words may seem harsh but they are real. My words are the voice of the earth, the animals and the people who naturally spend their days being kind. Tomorrow when you wake up from your sleep remember one thing;

“There are those who are clean in their own eyes but are not washed of their filth.”

Be kind. Think twice before you throw your shit on the floor. Think twice when walking past that poor unfortunate animal or treating your own like a piece of shit. Think twice before acting selfishly towards others in your every day life. You are not superior you are one of many souls blessed to be alive and walking this earth.

“It only takes one person and one act of kindness to inspire others and create change”

And exhale

Don’t forget to breathe. Breathing is something done so naturally for us that we forget what the power of a breath can do. Stuck in a world full of media, stereotypes, rules and stunted imagination. Politics and money. A vision of perfection which is false. People all around me are starting to look the same. Am I also a victim of this? 

Imagine if you could reprogram your brain. Rearrange the pictures, turn the rules upside down and start seeing reality completely differently. Like the white rabbit taunting you to follow him down the hole.

“Is there a wonderland?”

I’ve been following rules for so long, this is good, this is bad. This is right, this is wrong. You shouldn’t do this you shouldn’t do that, you shouldn’t get emotional, why do you cry. What do you look like. You need to do this and be like that. Shit Emma you’re almost 30. It’s the end of the world. Are you married yet? Kids?.. Kids?.. Kids?.. that’s it once you hit 30 you’re doomed for life, your egg count is diminished. Horror horror horror. 

The truth is at this point it’s safe to say I now know how to breathe. Not the instinctive breathing, I’m lucky to say I’ve never had problems with my lungs or my ability to gain air to my body, but the breathe that inhales those little particles of light and positive energy and the exhale which lets go of all the sadness, negativity and bad energy. 

Live for you, you control what your eyes see. You control your reactions to situations. It’s you that decides to be sad or happy or angry. It’s you that tells yourself you need this or you need that. It’s YOU. You can change everything. You can change the world how you see it right now. It all starts with a breath of air.


“The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”

Hate. Hate. Hate. Do you see how this word affects us. It’s a sorrowful sight this world we live in. At least for those of us who truly care about the souls of other beings and animals. Where is the smile at passing strangers, the manners at an open door? What are you all doing in your lives? If you do anything at all. Be kind.

“You reap what you sow”

What you put into this life you get back ten times over. You think you’re having a bad day, you’ll have a worse day, you think you’re getting ill, yes you’ll get ill. Do not underestimate the power of thought. 

Do you know what I pray for. I pray for god to put light into every single person. I pray they are lifted by this and pass on kindness with others. Imagine if my prayers were answered. We would have world peace. Maybe, just maybe one day I won’t any longer need to pray for this one passionate need of mine. 

Either way, people will be people but what makes you human is the question of today.

Magical Port Louis (Porlwi by light)

Great post and amazing video! This happens once a year and it’s amazing!

The Heart of Mauritius


Sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and a mountain backdrop, Port Louis blends Mauritius modernity and tradition. Port Louis is the heart of Mauritius, capital of horse racing, home to the Historical Museum, and much more. Mauritius’ capital city transports you on an ocean of culture and authenticity where art and history are omnipresent. This year, the city and its rich heritage will be highlighted from the 4th to the 6thDecember through the PORLWI by Light initiative. A festival allowing both Mauritians and tourist to discover and rediscover the history of the capital. Whethere you are residents of the island of Mauritius or staying in one of its hotels or villas, do not miss the opportunity to drop by and enjoy this festival!


                     “Stunning lights and magnificent shows”

Imagine a ballet of illuminated canoes in the harbor, or a dancing light show in the Company Garden…

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