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I know its been a minute

Stranger. No, me. I know its been a minute. In the words of ghost. Those few know. The truth is I’ve been busy. Busy smiling. Laughing. Living and building. A dream. I’ve found myself content in a life of stability with a man of whom keeps me on that pedestal. Theres no need for me […]

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There once was a girl

There once was a girl, who wanted to save the world. To make them smile all the while and show them she was concerned. This girl was kind, generous and giving and she always worked hard for a living. Making friends all the while she couldn’t understand why they weren’t into her style. I’m not […]

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I make my world

My soul plays in the night of a full moon. The light bounces of my physical body as I dance among the stars. Dreams attach themselves to my arms and legs. Finding a space to within this space, hanging on until it’s time to climb into my mind. Dreams thrive in the light of a […]

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A day feels like a lifetime

Roses may be red but I am feeling blue. A kiss goodnight lingers when I’m not with you. A touch from yesterday will have to last me a while. For its been a day and a moment since I seen you smile. The bed bellows with blossoms that have fallen over years. It feels like […]

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The difference a day makes.

What a difference a day makes. Fields of colours change as fast as the wind changes direction. Ultimatums blind the eyes and truth awakens the soul. As the steam rises from my soaken body I trust in my mouth to speak the words that need to be said. What a difference a day makes. Diary […]

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