A day feels like a lifetime

Roses may be red but I am feeling blue. A kiss goodnight lingers when I’m not with you. A touch from yesterday will have to last me a while. For its been a day and a moment since I seen you smile. The bed bellows with blossoms that have fallen over years. It feels like […]

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The difference a day makes.

What a difference a day makes. Fields of colours change as fast as the wind changes direction. Ultimatums blind the eyes and truth awakens the soul. As the steam rises from my soaken body I trust in my mouth to speak the words that need to be said. What a difference a day makes. Diary […]

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It makes me sad

It makes me sad. The hatred that can run through someone’s veins so deep that they’re blinded from all visions of reality. To want to hurt. Scream. Shout. Cry. All for… why? Its sad. Saddening to see such souls tortured with no ability to be salvaged. No hope for light in the ever deepening tunnels […]

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True love. Baby love. Fake love. Lust love. Your love. My love. Love. Lost love. Need love. Blind love. Sex love. Their love. My love. Love. Real love. Soul love. Crazy love. Endless love. Our love. Our love. Ours. Love.

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If butterflies could swim they would be dancing in the lining of my stomach. No coming up for air, they long to adapt to this tranquil setting of silent conversations. Made from the brightened lights of the soul, they fill my body like a giant gust of wind. I could fly, yet my grounded being […]

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