Always in my heart

The sketch of an old tattoo brings back memories of an excited young girl walking up the street to a barbers which once stood. The pain worth every second whilst gripping onto the seat of which she sat uncomfortably. A commitment of surprise. Her loyalties laid with the one she called her own. A crazy […]

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Live for now. A little rant.

Questions. Actions. Thinking. Your mind spends all its time giving you a perspective. A way to look at things. A way to react to a person, a moment or a problem. We are bodies wrapped up in a world of fake reality. Warped by the things we believe and the ways we should behave. We […]

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I’ll keep me safe

Tears roll. Pins prick like a million raindrops. Filled with song. The heart hurts. Past is prominent yet so unbelievable. Stranger. Volatile to my nature. Go. Unwelcome you are in my mind yet forgiving I am to you. For you are. Me. Dear soul. What a time. Clocks protrude out of the wall. Tick. Tick. […]

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The Dawn of July 2017.

He’s been leaving me alone lately… I think he’s preparing for me to leave him. He is not here. Not in mind nor body. I feel guilt. If he’s not here for a shared moment of silence, he is in the other room or away somewhere I know not. He isn’t here. When he is […]

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